Welcome to the 2020 season of the Stratford Stealers Softball Association!

We look forward to another year of fun and development for our 170+ players, their parents/guardians and our coaches. While we know the season, much like everything else these days, will not look the same as it might other years, your board is committed to working with our great coaches to ensure that we make the best of the situation and find ways to have a successful season for all! Our numbers have continued to grow this year and we look forward to getting everyone out on the fields soon.

Softball this year will certainly look and feel differently with a global pandemic for us to be mindful of. The success of the season, including how our association works within the COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines set out by the Province of PEI, Softball PEI and Stratford Stealers, requires the cooperation and help of everyone in our association. We ask that everyone please take the time to read the Return to Play document in full (found as an attachment to this email). It has been developed by Softball PEI and approved by the Province of PEI to allow us to get our players back on the field this summer. Here are some points of interest in which you will need to consider as a parent:

Return to Play Guidelines and Keynotes

To ensure contact tracing can be made in the event of a COIVD-19 outbreak, each field used (Bunbury, Kinlock, MacNeill and Fort Agustus) will have a required sign in sheet. Whether it is managed by the team or done at the field remains to be determined, however be advised, when players are coming to a practice or game they must be signed in upon arrival before being allowed to take to the field or join their team in the dugout. This will also be a requirement for any spectators who are respecting social distancing by watching from outside of their vehicles. At this time, to ensure compliance within the maximum 20 people gathered at an outdoor space per phase 3 of Renew PEI, parents should remain in their vehicles or outside of the field area (ie: on a lawn chair outside of the outfield fence, etc.) and only one parent/individual per household of the player. We know that this is not an ideal situation however your compliance may be the difference between our sport being able to continue this season or it being suspended due to non-compliance from exceeding the gathering limits. It is our hope that when the next phase is outlined, an increase to these numbers will allow for a more spectator friendly practice/game however we do expect that many of the rules, including social distancing and limits on numbers of people outdoors, will be in place, in some capacity, throughout the summer.

Personal Equipment

It is advised that players have their own personal equipment such as a bat, water bottle and a personal bottle of hand sanitizer. The sharing of gloves, helmets and face masks will not be permitted at any time. Any player arriving for a practice or game without this equipment will not be allowed to participate. The Association will provide some sanitizer but parents are asked to pick up some for their player and to include it in their child’s softball gear bag. Please ensure that all equipment is clearly labeled before arriving for the first team practice. It is recommended for each player to have their own bat in accordance with the Return to Play document, however before parents purchase one for their child please speak with your coach about the bat size and weight ideal for your player. The wrong bat can impede player development so we want to ensure that players are purchasing the right one for them. Teams will have access to some sanitizing materials to use if/when sharing of bats is required. We do not want to see the purchase of a bat impede a player’s ability to play this season. Please work with your coach to ensure your player has access to a bat as needed, and again, if a bat is being shared it must be sanitized between players using them throughout the practice or game.

Liability Waivers

There are liability waivers for both players and parents that need to be signed and passed in before stepping onto the field for the first time. We ask you to print a copy and take it with you to the first of any session your daughter or son attends. If you do not have a printer, we will have a limited amount printed on hand. Without a signed waive, your player cannot step onto the field to start the season – there will be exceptions to this policy.

Again, the attached Return to Play document has much more information than mentioned above. These are just a few key things to keep in mind but we ask that everyone please read the full Return to Play document as it will govern our season this year.

MUST READ –  Return to Play Guidelines – Softball PEI

MUST READ, PRINT and SIGN – Release of Liability, Waiver of Claims and Indemnity Agreement (participants over 18 years of age)

MUST READ, PRINT and SIGN – Informed Consent and Assumption of Risk Agreement (participants under the age of majority)

MUST READ, PRINT and SIGN – Declaration of Compliance – COVID-19

Softball PEI Tentative Calendar of Events (Stratford Softball Dates Integrated – Dates subject to change)

  • June 5-  Deadline for Registration
  • June 7 Deadline for Payment (If you have any issues with making this deadline please reach out so we can work with you on a payment arrangement plan)
  • June 12Deadline for Submission of A/AA teams, contact, and Field Times
  • June 6 – 17 – Stratford Softball U12 AA and U14 AA tryouts and team selection
  • June  10 – 17 – Stratford Softball – U10 Team selection (pending enough coaches)
  • June 13 – 19 – Stratford Softball – Group practices and evaluations for U12, U14 and U16/19
  • June 18 – Stratford Softball – Board Meeting (via Zoom)
  • June 20Softball PEI Minor Meeting (via Zoom)
  • June 21 – Draft Day for U12, U14, U16/19 Team Selection ( or sooner)
  • June 22 – Stratford Softball Coaches Meeting (via Zoom)
  • June 23 – July 3  Stratford Softball – Team Practices U10 through U16/19
  • June 30 – Deadline for Applications to Host Provincials Championships/Jamborees
  • June 30 – Deadline for All Official Player Lists (OPL’s) (Minor A/AA, Orthodox and Slo Pitch)
  • July 3 U10/12 A/AA Leagues Begin
  • July 3 – U14/16 A/AA Leagues Begin
  • July 13 – U8 League Begins
  • Aug 29 – U8 Jamboree
  • Aug 29 – U10 Jamboree
  • Sept 4-6 – U12A/AA Provincials
  • Sept 11-13 – U14A/AA and U16 Provincials

It is your responsibility as parents/guardians to ensure that if there is ever any question of you or your child having been possibly exposed to COVID-19, or having any symptoms of COVID-19 seen in your household, that you always err on the side of caution and stay home.

With all of this said as the season progresses you may have areas of concern, suggestions to share or questions, and we encourage you to contact us.

We look forward to making this a great season and to having lots of fun on the fields! Go Stealers Go!